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Lenny Lemer, Strategic Group International, LLC Chief Executive Officer and former CRA, Inc. President, managed more than 100 full-time employees, 400 Subject Matter Expert consultants and oversaw corporate support of contracts with Federal, State, and local organizations. He is an experienced corporate executive, as well as a recognized expert in antiterrorism, intelligence gathering and dissemination, with a focus on law enforcement and Crime Reduction Strategies, both in the United States and internationally.

Previously, as CRA’s Vice President for Law Enforcement Operations, Mr. Lemer was responsible for consultation and program management of intelligence-based services to Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies in support of U.S. Department of Homeland Security initiatives. He was instrumental in the development of CRA’s SHOEBOXTM Workshop Training. This curriculum, coupled with the CRA HAZMAT training program, has been provided to a wide range of law enforcement personnel across the United States, including the Puerto Rico Police Department Explosives Division and SWAT units. This innovative approach to teaching investigators how to dismantle criminal and terrorist organizations has proven highly successful in violent crime reduction.

Mr. Lemer has applied his broad intelligence and operational experience to oversee CRA’s implementation of the DHS terrorism prevention strategy and Terrorism Prevention Exercise Program (TPEP) which focused on assisting State, local, and tribal jurisdictions to develop intelligence capabilities to thwart terrorism and reduce crime. He was a leading advocate of utilizing criminal information analysis as the core building blocks for terrorist cell identification. Previously, Mr. Lemer served as a subject matter expert (SME), helping create CRA’s Terrorism Assessment Center (TAC), which collects, analyzes, disseminates, and archives large amounts of open-source intelligence (OSINT) on potential threats and criminal activity at the national and local level.

Before joining CRA, Mr. Lemer served with the New York City Police Department (NYPD) for twenty years. After years of managing intense counter-narcotics undercover investigations against the Cali Cartel, and serving as Group Supervisor for the Unified Intelligence Division of the New York Drug Enforcement Task Force, where he transformed the focus and primary mission to narcotics-related violence, he served as Special Advisor for Crime Control Strategies to the NYPD Police Commissioner. In that role, Mr. Lemer was a key figure in the conception, development, and implementation of the NYPD Criminal Intelligence Section (CIS) which, within 100 days, dramatically increased the number of criminal organizations identified and dismantled, including arrests, and within 8 months put intelligence in the forefront of the Police Department’s attack on violent street crime. This bold initiative was well underway when the 9-11-2001 attack on the Twin Towers occurred, when Mr. Lemer helped guide the transformation of the CIS to the Counterterrorism role which has become its core function. Mr. Lemer is a recipient of the NYPD’s award for outstanding bravery, the Combat Cross.
Subsequent to his tenure with the New York City Police Department, Mr. Lemer served as Special Advisor to the Director of the New York/New Jersey High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA). As such, he managed the establishment of the NYC Regional Intelligence Center and coordinated all initiatives related to Information Sharing with the participating agencies, both Federal and State, to include terrorism and violence related projects.

Mr. Lemer earned a B.S in Organizational Management with Distinction from Nyack College, Nyack, N.Y. He has also enrolled in the Virginia Tech University Graduate Certificate Program in Homeland Security.

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